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Introduction to Fumigation

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Native American incense, often referred to by First Nations as “sacred herbs”, is used by all Native nations in North America. The smoke from these incenses is a purification and an offering to the spirits. Elders tell us that spirits feed on smells. For this reason, all peoples of the world use plants or incense for offerings that have a particular scent.

For the Aboriginal people, smoke offerings have an important purifying role. For all the peoples of Great Turtle Island (the name that the First Nations gave to North America), the ceremony of fumigation of people and places marks the beginning of each meeting, regardless of the nature of the event. Sage and sometimes sweetgrass and cedar are burned.

With this ritual we prepare the space and the people by purifying all unnecessary and harmful energy. Evil spirits and heavy energies that could harm the activities are thus driven away.

Course Objectives

The 5 films were shot in 2013, in the premises of the company Invocation. The objective was to present the different traditional Native American incenses that could be found on boutiqueAigleBleu.com or in stores.

Déroulement de la formation


  • Introduction à la fumigation – partie 1 – 00:05:40
  • Introduction à la fumigation – partie 2 – 00:04:40


  • Les sauges – 00:04:30
  • Le foin d’odeur et le cèdre – 00:03:45
  •  Genévrier, chaparral et mélange d’Aigle Bleu – 00:04:25

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