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Blue Eagle’s Values

Blue Eagle is a man who lives by values and principles.  These are an integral part of what he transmits.  Some most significant are perhaps:

  • The responsibility for one’s own health,
  • The sacred and a respect for tradition,
  • Commitment,
  • The preservation of Mother Earth and family domains.


A tired body cannot sustain the effort needed to move forward and evolve.  Health is a priority and, for Blue Eagle, it encompasses the physical body, emotions, mind. and spiritual balance.  The individual is at the center of everything, because everything passes through him and begins with him.

Health is best achieved through physical exercise and also by understanding that the quality of our food and our environment are paramount.

The notion of food is many and includes, among other things, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the intellectual and spiritual material heard, read, and absorbed.

As for the environment, it includes those places we reside, work, take leisure and pleasure, the energy of the place and the people we’re around. the air we breathe. the clothes we wear, the furniture we use, the electromagnetic pollution around us, the stresses we experience, etc.

The Sacred and the Respect of Traditions

Regardless of origin, belief, religion, etc., all spiritual teachings have a sacred character.  The same is true of traditional Native American teachings.

The sacred is at the center of all that Blue Eagle transmits.  He teaches in a circle.  He opens an energetic space at the beginning of each activity, including his concerts, and closes it at the end.  He purifies himself and the space he is in and makes offerings to the 4 directions at each gathering, event, ceremony, or musical performance, even online.

Once the sacred space is opened, the ancestors of all participants (including his own) are called to share and support what will be done in the sacred circle.

The Commitment

When his ancestors guided him down the Red Path and he realized it made sense with everything he had already observed and perceived, he committed to following it.  Since then, every aspect of his life has resonated with these principles, and he supports and defends Indigenous values.

There is a Native American prophecy that states that after certain specific events take place, the traditional teachings would have to come out of the communities to be passed on to as many people as possible, and then it would be received by those who had backgrounds of many colors of humanity; thus, forming the rainbow family (see the Prophecy).

This opening of the teachings is necessary to preserve Mother Earth, our planet, our home.  When he perceived that he had to be part of this outward spiral, and that it was time for him to transmit the totality of his knowledge, Aigle Bleu conceived the Let’s Create the World Training that he transmitted in France and in Quebec.

Similarly, when someone asks him for help, he is always available; but. if the person does not commit to taking care of himself and respecting himself, he simply turns away.

Mother Earth Preservation through “Family Domains”

One hectare per family is enough to live in abundance and health.  One family responsible for one hectare, to save the planet, one hectare, one family at a time.  Family Domains are the way forward so that Mother Earth is preserved from the destructive nature of modern technocratic civilization.  

Her drum resonates with the pulse of Mother Earth.  Nature offers everything a person needs to live, receive, learn, and to understand.  All one has to do is take the time to listen to it, to look at it. And take care of it.  The more a person takes care of his environment, the more Mother Earth will fill him with her abundance.

This is why Blue Eagle is fascinated by the example of Anastasia, a shaman of the Siberian taiga who is mentioned in many books by Vladimir Megré.  Anastasia was the first to propose family domains as a solution to our current ecological crises. Since then, this example has been adopted by individuals and communities in many countries and has been enacted by the Russian government who is giving free plots of land to those who want to build their family space of love and unity with nature. There is great significance in family domains.