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Luke Blue Eagle – Biography

How did you hear about Blue Eagle?

You may have come to know Luke Blue Eagle through his blog on which the philosopher in him reveals himself, sometimes letting his incisive side express himself.  Or perhaps it through the liquid incense and shamanic fragrances he created for the well-being of all.  Maybe you were transported by his music?  You may have been referred to him for shamanic care, or is it the shaman practitioner, a scholar of ancestral knowledge, who inspires you to receive initiation or deepen your training?

Yes, Blue Eagle is all of these at once and more.  Above all, he is a man who lives in accordance with his principles, which he applies in all areas of his life.

In the early days as a “shamanic practitioner and healer”, he was asked to help hospitalized Native Americans from the far north.  He could not, however, purify places or people with smudging (fumigation) which is the customary purification preceding such work.    He thus looked for a way to do this purification without smoke.  He was guided to combine the virtues of the essential oils of Native American sacred herbs to create a liquid incense.  Surprised, by the effectiveness of this combination, he created Invocation Canada, a company to produce and distribute it to as many people as possible – therapist or not.  His first perfume is now called Chiiyaam.

Since then, Luke Blue Eagle guides his team with the ancestral principles of the First Nations.  There isn’t a vertical hierarchy but a horizontal organization where everyone has the same importance when making decisions.

Similarly, as a musician, he applies principles of music therapy to his art.  In most of his concerts, he channels and improvises according to the energetic needs of the audience present.  Through the sounds, rhythm, and melodies that it gives birth to, we can travel on the music’s beneficial vibrations.  Blue Eagle’s compositions are inspiring and bring a peaceful, stabilizing, and warm return to our roots.

When he received the message from his ancestors to transmit to as many people as possible the music he received from his elders and from what he developed through his daily practice, he obeyed.  He traveled and taught in a dozen countries in Europe, Japan, North America, and Mongolia.

This site now takes over so that its teaching continues through space and time.

A bit of history

Luke was born in Saskatchewan (Canada) into a French-speaking family.  He was not born on a reserve and did not suffer the horrors of the residential schools.  In fact, as a young man, his family never revealed his Native American ancestry to him, although they had four Native American ancestors, they did not adopt the culture or reveal it.

At the age of 17 he left the family circle to study music at the Laval Université in Quebec City.  It is then that an ancestor appeared to him in a dream, revealing his Native American lineage and asking him to follow the Red Path; origins which were later confirmed to him by a genealogist and his family. This was followed by 25 years of quest during which he was trained in Ancestral Native American Health Care techniques of the Anigadohah (Bear) Clan of the Keetowah (branch of the Cherokee) with elements of the Mohawk, Apache, Innu, and Chippewa Nations.

Living in Canada and close to the USA, Luke Blue Eagle’s shamanic practices are therefore those of North America.  He daily practices the meditations, dances, ceremonies, and other practices he received during his shamanic initiation.

Not being officially Indian (i.e., not being recognized by the Canadian government as such) has kept the door open to criticism and pettiness of all kinds. However, as such, it preserved him from the traumas that most Native Americans of his generation suffered.  He sought teaching, as complete as possible, from several elders of different nations who managed to preserve ancestral traditions during the years when they were forbidden.  This prohibition on honoring ancestral ceremonies and practices was passed into law by the governments of the United States and Canada for many years.  It is one of the various policies of cultural genocide.  As a result of this ban, much of the spiritual teachings have been forgotten among the tribes of Canada and the United States. Those that retain the knowledge and traditions, and guide and teach their people, are greatly honored.

Today Blue Eagle aspires to tranquility and wonder.  The world is changing rapidly and many people understand that modern models do not elevate the soul.

Although at retirement age, he continues to teach.